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“No More Red”, Arsenal’s removes red from its shirt

"No More Read" Camiseta Arsenal

“No More Red”, Arsenal’s vindictive campaign removes the red from its shirt to raise awareness about youth murders in London.

If English football clubs know one thing, it is that they are an important influence on their communities. They are teams that were born and raised by the fans who lived on the outskirts of the stadiums, when they were still in the middle of the city. In London we can find up to 5 teams Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Watford, located in different neighborhoods with a very characteristic fan profile.

They carry out special actions aimed at their community. This is the case of Arsenal, which has carried out a campaign to raise awareness about youth murders in London.

“No More Red” is the title of Arsenal’s campaign that will remove the red from their jersey. The cause? 30 teenagers murdered in London. The highest number of juvenile homicides in the last 18 years; 27 of them stabbed with a knife.

The Holloway team, aware of their influence, has run a campaign with Adidas. They have removed the red from their shirt and will wear a white jersey in its entirety. The action is part of the initiative launched by the association “Don’t stab your future” created by actor Idris Elba. These kits will not be for sale, but will be given as a gift to those who show their commitment to the community.

Arsenal and Adidas have created a mentoring program with mentoring with different local leaders such as former footballer Ian Wright, actor Idris Elba, DJ Emerald Rose Lewis or the Art Director of BBC Creative Reuben Dangoor.

According to Idris Elba: “From the time young people leave school until they come home there is a void that can easily turn into something dangerous. If there are still no options for the post-school period, criminal gangs will continue to form. Let’s create options for these young people”.

An initiative that demonstrates the involvement of the great football clubs with their communities.

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