‘Nutella Unica’ creates seven million of Nutella different packaging

Nutella has launched a new marketing campaign called ‘Nutella Unica’ where it has created seven million different Nutella packagings.

Nutella, the chocolate cream brand created by Michele Ferrero in 1965 created a fantastic marketing campaign recently where you could customize the label to put the name on the packaging.

The campaign was so successful that many brands like Coca-Cola made similar moves. Although in the case of the American multinational the labels came printed in a series of predetermined names; the marketing campaign of Nutella allowed to personalize the label with the name that you wanted.

Nutella Unica, campaña de marketing de Nutella

Well, after the overwhelming success of the initiative, Nutella has once again carried out a marketing campaign called ‘Nutella Unica’. With the packaging again as the protagonist, has created seven million different boats of Nutella. The idea was to take one of the qualities of the brand to its packaging: The fun.

For this they designed a series of patterns and an algorithm that mixed all available colors. The result? The ‘Nutella Unica’ campaign sold the seven million different Nutella boats in a single month.

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