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Omega’s advert for the Olympic Games: Omega meets Japan

Anuncio de Omega Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio

Omega’s advert for the Olympic Games is a beautiful piece that combines Olympic and Japanese cultural elements.

Official sponsors are launching their advertising campaigns for the Olympic Games. The rejection by the Japanese population that these games are held and the IOC’s decision to hold them without an audience are detracting from what these games should really have been.

The dilemma for the brands in the Tokyo Olympics is limiting advertising budgets. Nobody wants to take a wrong step and promote a show widely rejected by all. For now, P&G has already launched its advertising campaign focused on those athletes who have inspired others through their actions. Now it’s the turn of Omega watches, official sponsor and in charge of measuring time in tests since 1932.

“Omega Meets Japan” is Omega’s advertisement for the Olympic Games. The edition reminds us a lot of the now mythical “You Can’t Stop Us” by Nike. A split-screen montage of elements that complement each other. Of course, Omega’s advert goes a step further by combining extremely beautiful Japanese elements with different Olympic sports.

Thus, we see how the flag of Japan merges with an Omega watch, the trampolines remind us of Japanese temples or the pool lanes to the green fields of the Japanese country. We also have zen moments combined with the different spheres of the brand and cultural events that merge with the preciousness of the movement.

All to the beat of Imagine Dragons “Dreams”, which perfectly complements the beautiful images in Omega’s advert. According to the brand: “Immerse yourself in a beautiful world where the spirit of Olympic competition blends seamlessly with the cultural traditions of the host country.”

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