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“Omo Book of Dirt”, The book for children that you can only read if you mess it up

So that they go out to play more to the street, Omo’s detergent brand has created a book for children who can only read if they mess it up.

New technologies are putting many obstacles to children’s education. More and more children want to spend time in front of the screen before going to play in the park. Also it is true that the games are educational and that, as demonstrated, has benefits in the intellectual development of children. The problem comes when this balance between learning and playing is broken in favor of new technologies.

That’s why the Omo, a brand of detergents has created a book for children who can only read if they mess it up. With it they encourage the little ones to go out to the street to experiment, discover and play to know the stories that keep those white pages.

Libro para niños que se ensucia | OMO

In collaboration with Ogilvy South Africa they have created a book full of white pages called “OMO Book of Dirt” that they will only decipher if they mess it up. A curious initiative to encourage children to play outside. And, in any marketing action, the brand must show its attributes. In this case the quality and power of the detergent when cleaning the stains generated by children.

Via | Criatura Creativa


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