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“Open that Coca-Cola”: What feeling do you have when opening a Coke?

Open That Coca-Cola Commercial

Coca-Cola tries to decipher the feeling of opening its soft drink in its latest campaign “Open that Coca-Cola”

The influence of Tik Tok is becoming more and more pronounced when it comes to communicating with the young population. The app created by ByteDance is taking the world by storm and forcing the world to dance, and is dragging the trends with it. Holy problem.

This is the case of the latest Coca-Cola campaign, clearly influenced by the viral dances of Tik Tok. “Open That Coca-Cola” tries to decipher the “indescribable feeling” that some have when they open the popular soda.

And if the Coca-Cola advertising campaigns have been characterized by something, it has been to convey happiness. The latest campaign has been created by the agency Wieden + Kennedy London and comes after a survey.

25% of the people interviewed in the UK said that drinking a Coke cannot be described in words. The campaign thus explores the “universal and non-verbal reactions” that people feel when opening a Coca-Cola. To express it in the best way, they have focused on one of the most universal languages: dance.

According to Walter Susini, Vice President of Marketing for Coca-Cola Europe: “The experience of enjoying a Coca-Cola has always been beyond words, from the anticipation of that first sip, to the full power of its taste and rediscovery it goes on every time you drink it. “

The “Open That Coca-Cola” campaign has had the collaboration of the artist “Tyler, The Creator” to create the soundtrack. A song that evokes the best viral dances that triumph in Tik Tok. A social network in which the Coca-Cola campaign will have a strong presence.


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