Oreo’s funny Super Bowl commercial: “Twist On It”

The Martin Agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Oreo’s Super Bowl ad encourages us to make decisions based on which side of the cookie the cream is on.

2013 was the last year Oreo ran an advertising campaign for the Super Bowl. And the increase in advertising prices, which are paid at more than 6 million dollars per thirty seconds, makes many brands rethink their presence.

More than 10 years later, Oreo has decided to advertise again in the Super Bowl. He does it with a fun ad where they show us how the great decisions in the history of humanity were decided by opening an Oreo cookie to find out which side the cream was on.

Oreo commercial for the Super Bowl | Twist On It

“Twist on it” is the title of Oreo’s Super Bowl advert. It was made by The Martin Agency, produced by Hungry Man and PXP and directed by Dave Laden. The piece encourages us to make decisions based on the popular “heads or tails” that we have all made at some point. This time, luck will be decided by the side where the cream appears.

The Oreo advert for the Super Bowl is a journey through different key moments in our history, with the occasional license. How the prehistoric people were saved from being burned by the meteorite, how the Romans let the horse enter the city of Troy or how the boy bands were born.

In every Super Bowl ad worth its salt, there is no shortage of a celebrity appearing. In this case, Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashians. According to Michelle Deignan, vice president of Oreo in the USA: “Kris Jenner is widely known for being the matriarch of the Kardashians and we thought she was perfect to exemplify the decisions born in the heat of Oreo cookies. It seemed very authentic to us because Oreo cookies “They have made their way organically over many years into The Kardashians.”

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