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The origin of the Easter rabbit, told in this cute TV Commercial

This cute TV Commercial form Netto supermarkets tells the origin of the Easter Rabbit in a funny and original way.

Easter is a tradition that many Anglo-Saxon countries celebrate with Easter eggs, consisting of painting chocolate eggs and hiding them so that children can find them.

It is not known with certainty how this tradition originated, although we see that in many areas it is practiced differently. The Easter rabbit according to legend, is a creature that brings baskets full of colorful eggs and candy to children houses. It was mentioned for the first time in the work of Georg Franck von Frankenau in ‘De ovis paschalibus’ (About Easter Eggs) in 1682, which refers to an Alsace tradition of a hare bringing Easter eggs.

Origen del Conejo de Pascua Netto

Many of the customs are given by the rabbit as a symbol of the fertility of the land after the winter and with the arrival of spring. To explain this origin to the new generations, Netto supermakets has made this adorable TV Commercial and try to explain in a fun way the origin of the Easter rabbit.

It all starts with a party in a forest where a rabbit and a hen meet each other and get married. Time later, they have a children that is a rabbit… who puts colorful eggs. Tolded in a Pixar way, with an excellent animation it’s a cute history that explain us the origin of the Easter rabbit.





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