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The original advertising support of Del Valle natural juices

The original advertising support of the Del Valle’s natural juices in a supermarket.

The natural juices brand Del Valle has made a curious initiative in a supermarket in Rio de Janeiro. They used an original advertising support to advertise their products to consumers.

People waste a lot of time squeezing fruit to consume natural juice. That is why they do this marketing campaign to demonstrate the quality of their products agains natural juices.

Original Soporte Publicitario Zumos del Valle

The action took place in the supermarket Deli Delícia in Rio de Janeiro. When people weighed their oranges and apples it appeared on the label a voucher to get a bottle of Del Valle in the cashier for free. On the label they referred to vitamin C and fiber that contain their products to express the similarity with fresh fruit, only with their juices do not waste time to express.

Via | La Criatura Creativa



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