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PETA’s disturbing advert to stop you from eating beacon

The agency Gray London and the production company Biscuit have been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de PETA | Pig Farm

PETA’s advert is a denunciation of the practices carried out on pigs to obtain beacons.

The NGO PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest animal rights organization in the world. This organization usually carries out impactful advertising campaigns to raise awareness about meat consumption, such as the one they carried out at Christmas to urge consumers not to buy turkey.

Now they are back with another disturbing advertising campaign where they show us the manufacturing process of the beacon and its treatment of pigs. With a very vintage animation style and a catchy song, PETA’s advert wants to raise the consciences of those who continue to consume beacon.

“Pig Farm” is the title of the PETA advert made by the agency Gray London and the production company Biscuit. It has been directed by Jeff Low who has also been the author of the commercial song.

The piece is made with an animation that is reminiscent of classic drawings from the 30s and 40s. Or others like the video game “Cuphead” or the series “The Ren and Stimpy Show.” It all starts like a fairy tale where a farmer explains to his daughters what his work entails.

Little by little he will show us the manufacturing process and the treatment given to animals. From the moment they walk through the door to the final products. All to the rhythm of a catchy song that marks the disturbing piece and ends with a message: “All bacon comes from suffering and violence!”

According to Mimi Bekhechi, vice president of PETA in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia: “PETA’s aim is to challenge the status quo, and we have more than achieved this with this eye-catching and shareable campaign. We believe the campaign will change attitudes and remind people of “people who behind every strip of bacon there is a thinking and feeling being who desperately wants to live.”

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