The Pictionary’s tv ad shows us how much fun it is to be wrong

The latest Pictionary’s tv ad titled ‘The Fish’ shows us how much fun it is to be wrong.

We liked Mattel’s latest advertising campaign to promote Pictionary. In the midst of digital games and the culture of immediacy, the charm of spending an afternoon together playing a board game is being lost.

And few board games more reflect the spirit of having a good time than the popular Pictionary. The famous board game created by Rob Angel in the 80s is still valid today.

Pictionary's tv ad

This is summed up by the last Pictionary’s tv ad titled ‘The Fish’, where it shows us how much fun it is to be wrong when we play the board game. In the ad we see a normal day of an ordinary man wearing a strange accessory.

According to the creators of the campaign, “Pictionary is like a karaoke, when people do it well, it is much less fun than when people do it wrong, that is the essence of the game and the campaign.”

Via | Reason Why

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