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“Pink Kittens” an awareness campaign about using the mobile

“Pink Kittens” is the shocking publicity campaign to raise awareness about the use of mobile driving.

There are many advertising campaigns to avoid high accident rates at the road. In any country, many people lose their lives by driving. Although the habits of the drivers are changing but there is always a behavior that we must improve.

10 years ago the problem was the use of the car when having drunk alcohol. Numerous advertising campaigns tried to raise awareness about avoiding the car if we had drunk. Today the problem is the use we give the smartphone while we make a drive. One in three people between the ages of 17 and 24 uses their phone while driving.

Pink Kittens uso smartphone

And what in theory seems harmless (consulting a message or a photo) can have devastating results in a matter of seconds. Proof of this is the advertising campaign of the London Department transport titled “Pink Kittens”.

At real speed the ad shows us in two seconds a route that makes any car in any street. Then they ask if you have detected the “Pink Kitten” and to help you perform the same journey in slow motion. “Pink Kittens” shows us a series of funny actions and elements of the street until we reach the chilling end point.

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