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The endearing Plus SuperMarkets Comercial: “Eat Well, Live Well.”

Anuncio de Plus SuperMarkets

Plus SuperMarkets the Dutch supermarket chain encourages us to eat well with “Eat Well Live Well.”

It is a classic porpose, want to eat well the first months of the year. And many food brands take advantage of it to launch their advertising campaigns. This is the case of the Dutch supermarket chain Plus Supermarkets, which encourages us to eat well with a charming spot.

Made by the hand of J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam they have turned around a classic slogan among foodies: “Eat Well, Live Well.”

Plus SuperMarkets Commercial show us of a couple who have been living together for a long time. He starts obsessing with taking care of himself leaving usual food to eat in a healthier way. Fruit and vegetables cope with your day to day and spend time doing regular exercise. Despite spending a lot of time together, his wife begins to suspect this new behavior.

The final surprise shows us that it is never too late to start looking after ourselves and looking for a motivation to be in good health.

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