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Pokémon and Oreo present a new collaborative cookie collection

Pokémon y Oreo | Edición Especial

Pokémon and Oreo have launched a collaborative collection with a spectacular animated ad featuring Oreo cookies.

Collaborative collections are always a win-win. Two seemingly antagonistic brands come together to launch a joint and limited product, thus increasing the desire of fans to be able to buy it. This was the case with Lacoste and Instagram to launch a new clothing collection or Adidas and Lego, to launch a new model of sneakers.

One of these successful partnerships is the one that Pokémon and Oreo have made with a limited edition of Oreo cookies. And it does so at a time when Pokémon products are being targeted by collectors given their high value from the cards and packs of the 90s.

Pokémon and Oreo have released a limited edition of the famous cookies to commemorate the 25-year history of Pokémon. Each pack will feature 16 unique Pokémon like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, all etched into classic Oreo chocolate cookies with a vanilla cream filling.

The grace will be that some characters will be more difficult to find than others since each pack is filled randomly. Cannon fodder for YouTubers, who will be able to make videos explaining whether they have been able to find them all or not; like the videos they make of the card envelopes they make today.

The Pokemon and Oreo commercial has been animated with Oreo cookies, giving it a retro touch reminiscent of the first Pokemon video games. A madness at the level of detail that has been reached with a pixel art style that brings together the popular animated series and the first games that came out for the Game Boy.

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