Pringles Super Bowl commercial with Chris Pratt: “Mr. P”

The Gray New York agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

The Pringles Super Bowl commercial shows us Chris Pratt with a mustache in the purest style of the brand’s logo.

Brands continue to launch their advertising campaigns for the Super Bowl. One that never fails is Pringles, the popular potato brand is one of the most consumed during the event and each year brings us an even crazier idea.

This year’s Pringles super bowl commercial stars celebrity actor Chris Pratt. He grew his mustache during the recent Hollywood screenwriters’ hiatus and the brand noticed that he resembles the famous Pringles icon.

“Mr. P” is the title of the Pringles super bowl commercial created by the agency Gray New York. The mustache that Chris Pratt grew confuses an employee by telling her that it looks a lot like the Pringles logo. After taking a photo, the situation goes viral.

Comments on social networks, unlocks with Facetime and executives thinking about him for the star role in the brand’s history. Little by little, the actor realizes that he does, that he looks like the man in the Pringles logo.

Regarding the mustache that led Chris Pratt to star in the Pringles ad for the Super Bowl, the actor commented: “I let it grow, I shaved the sides and it curled up. My wife, Katharine Schwarzenegger, told me that I should play a character with this kind of mustache. And look, here I am playing Mr. P.”

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