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The Purina Billboard that analyzes the urine of dogs: Street-Vet

The Purina billboard analyzes through a urine test the possible diseases that your dog may have.

Recently we talked about the benefits of outdoor advertising to conduct fun and original advertising campaigns. But it can also be useful to help people and animals. If the Red Bull advertising fence provided 72 hours of natural light thanks to its cans in a suburb of Vietnam; now the Purina Billboard helps us detect diseases that our dogs might have.

This billboard located in Paris analyzed by a urine test the possible infections and diseases that dogs may have.

When it comes to having a pet, taking it to the veterinarian is essential to control the animal’s health. Most of the time the symptoms are not visible, so many ailments are not detected in time. With this goal, Purina has teamed up with McCann Paris and the veterinary clinic VetParis7 to launch: StreetVet.

StreetVet is a billboard that analyzes the dog’s urine. Inside is performing a quick test that checks the animal’s health. These results are formed on the screen and, if there is an alarm indicator, they recommend the user some guidelines to follow. The test analyzes the most common problems in these pets: Diabetes, kidney problem, urine and cholesterol infection. But first, they recommend a specific type of food of the brand to improve the greeting of your dog. Once finished, the test is cleaned so as not to compromise the next analytical.

This Purina billboard does not intend to replace the veterinarian, but wants to help those owners who have not taken their pet to the clinic for a review.



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