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The emotional Ralph Lauren commercial: “Family is who you love”

The emotional Ralph Lauren commercial is about the family and introduces a homosexual couple for the first time.

Brands are changing the way they communicate with consumers. All are introducing the concept of storytelling in their ads to demand what society is asking for: a more egalitarian world, without discrimination of any kind. Thus, we see campaigns like Dove, which with #ShowUs tries to modify the vision that brands have always had about the role of women in advertising.

Now it is the turn of Ralph Lauren, who begins to adopt the concept of diversity in all its communication. Ralph Lauren’s latest ad, entitled “Family is who you love” wants to reclaim the concept of family.

Thus, the American fashion brand focuses its last publicity campaign on the family nucleus, of all kinds: African-American families, of several generations and even a homosexual couple. In this way the brand tries to attract those younger consumers who may feel identified with the values of the campaign.

“Family is who you love” is Ralph Lauren’s commercial that more investment has been obtained from the brand, 18% more than the previous period. The campaign has been created entirely by the internal department of Ralph Lauren.

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