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Ray-Ban and Meta smart glasses arrive to take photos

The glasses will allow images to be posted on social media

Gafas Inteligentes de Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban and Meta smart glasses arrive to revolutionize the way of sharing content.

After the smartwatch, the next “wearable” with the marks between the eyebrows are the glasses. The first assault has been carried out by Apple which, thanks to its Apple Watch, has swept the market, surpassing historical brands such as Rolex.

Google tried it back in the day with Google Glasses but they arrived perhaps too soon. Now it is Meta who tries it in a collaboration with Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban’s smart glasses collection is called “Ray-Ban Stories” and they have been designed by the EssilorLuxoticca group brand. They will be available in Spain from March 17.

These glasses allow you to take photos, record videos, listen to music and receive calls. Some functionalities that are not at odds with the design, which maintains the characteristic lines of Ray-Ban. According to Meta: “The glasses combine the timeless style of the Ray-Ban that you can use in your day to day with the possibility of being closer to your friends and family.”

The glasses have a built-in 5-megapixel camera and a built-in speaker system. It is integrated with Meta services, that is Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. In addition, the material obtained can be sent to other social networks such as Twitter, TikTok or Snapchat.

According to Meta, in a statement: “During these six months, we have been surprised by how people have used their Ray-Ban Stories in their daily lives. From parachute jumps to city walks to their favorite concerts, Ray-Ban Stories has helped spontaneously capture and share moments while allowing them to be there and not miss a thing.”

We will see if Ray-Ban’s smart glasses are here to stay or if they remain in the bag for a while.

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