The RC Lens call for blood donation: “Turn Blood into Gold”

The original RC Lens campaign managed to increase blood donations by 26%

Acción RC Lens Donación de Sangre

RC Lens made an original appeal to its supporters to donate blood. The response was staggering.

The French Blood Bank published some alarming statistics: 30,000 blood bags were missing to obtain the necessary 100,000 that the country needs for its reserves. And it is that blood donation in France has been declining year after year and currently more than 500 more donations are needed per day.

In an attempt to remedy this, the RC Lens football club devised an original proposal to gain visibility and increase blood donations.

The Sid Lee Paris agency used the French club’s motto “Sang et Or” (“Blood and Gold”) to develop their idea. With the help of the Players of Society, the outreach program that helps committed players for the common good, they devised a donation campaign at the club’s stadium.

To promote the event, the players wore special jerseys in a match against Nantes. The designs of these shirts revolved around a simple idea, the symbol “+” or “-” was added to the name of those players who had the letters A, B or O in their name.

Likewise, the club’s motto was changed from “Sang et Or” to “Notre Sang est Or” (“Our blood is gold”) and the club’s coat of arms was changed to gold. The club’s players themselves shared the campaign on their social networks to invite fans to donate blood.

In a matter of minutes, RC Lens supporters completed the reservations achieving a 26% increase compared to previous blood donation campaigns.

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