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“Read Something Better”, a great ad campaign from Black Button Books

Read Somethin Better - Black Button Books

The Black Button Books publishing house has launched “Read Something Better”, a campaign to recommend us to read better.

We like the advertising campaigns carried out by the publishers. They tend to be fresh, original and fun like this ads of Black Button Books in Romania.

Entitled “Read Something Better”, the campaign wants to highlight the value we actually get from the hours spent on social networks. The Europeans spend two hours a day on social networks, a precious time that hardly adds value to us.

The campaign exposes a reality that we all know, the time spent on social networks could have a better use. At least, one that gives us more value than reading comments or opinions on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The two ads made for “Read Something Better”, teach us in a funny way what is really the material we consume when we are in social networks: Empty.

The Big Book of Faces

The Insta Hashtag Compendium

Via | Reason Why


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