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The Red Bull advertising billboard that converts heat into light

The Red Bull advertising billboard in Vietnam converts heat into electricity.

In telling, advertising agency we are very fans of outdoor advertising campaigns. The possibilities offered by advertising billboards, opis and vending machines have given us great advertising campaigns.

Now, Red Bull has placed an advertising billboard in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to light those suburbs that, when the sun goes down, are left without lighting.

In the old Saigon there are areas where something basic such as electricity does not arrive. Although the country is one of the fastest growing economically, it still faces severe restrictions on its infrastructure. This causes that those children who play in the street, must return to their homes.

To solve this problem, Red Bull decided to place an advertising billboard made with cans of their energy drink. 2475 recycled cans were used to create the structure and power the area. And how it works? Thanks to these cans, solar energy is collected and channeled to get 75 minutes of artificial light. In this way, those residents of the area can enjoy the street at night.

The Red Bull advertising billboard is part of the “Charge Ahead Into Your Dream” initiative with which you want to help those communities with more precarious infrastructures. This initiative has generated 216 hours of renewable light allowing citizens to enjoy outdoor activities at night.

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