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Ridley Scott’s short film shot with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The acclaimed director has carried out the campaign to launch the new smartphone models

Corto de Ridley Scott | Behold

Ridley Scott’s short film for Samsung wants to show the technical specifications of the new Galaxy phones.

Ridley Scott’s flirtations with advertising are brief but intense. Undoubtedly, the most remembered is “1984” the famous Apple commercial in a dystopian future. But more recently he has done the beautiful Hennessy commercial and the collaboration he is dealing with with Samsung.

And it is that the Korean firm wanted the acclaimed director to make a short film with its new smartphone models. This will be the first of two publicity pieces, the other will be directed by Korean director Na Hong-Jin.

“Behold” is the title of Ridley Scott’s short film for Samsung. It has been written by his son, Luke Scott and produced by RSA Films. The four-minute piece tells us the story of a young man who, leaving a hostile environment, finds peace in nature and contact with a horse. According to the campaign synopsis: “The short follows a young man, faced with hostility and aggression, persecuted in a world where he is forced to find escape from himself and his own version of peace.”

According to Ridley Scott, in a statement about his experience shooting with a smartphone: “I thought it was a very interesting big challenge. Because the scary thing is that this little object is going to take the place of all the big cameras, which is great. And shooting with a phone, we were able to access real environments and smaller spaces.”

Samsung’s advertising campaign serves to promote its new models: The range of Galaxy S23 mobile phones, flagship of the Korean brand.

Next we leave you with the making of “Behold”, the Ridley Scott short film.

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