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Ladbrokes commercial reimagines iconic Rocky scene

The bookmaker continues with its "We play together" campaign

Anuncio de Ladbrokes | Escena de Rocky

The iconic scene of Rocky running up the stairs has been reimagined for the latest Ladbrokes ad

There are technically ambitious campaigns that leave you speechless from the beginning. This is the case of the latest campaign by Labrokes, the UK bookmaker, which continues with its “We Play Together” campaign that began in 2020.

The brand wants to reposition itself to reach broader audiences and for this it has relied on the creative agency Neverland. His latest campaign is a complicated campaign that recreates one of the most iconic images in cinema.

“Rocky” is the title of the Ladbrokes commercial that recreates the iconic Rocky scene. It is the moment when the protagonist goes for a run and ends up going up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It has been recreated with state-of-the-art VFX to recreate the montage in motion.

For this, more than 250 costumed characters were filmed in Budapest to integrate it into the ad. Danish director Nicolai Fugslig, creator of the Guinness advertisements and Sony Bravia’s Balls, among others; has been in charge of directing the ambitious project.

According to Jon Forsyth, creative director of Neverland: “I can’t even begin to convey the amount of time, craft and skill that has gone into making this. It sets a new benchmark in cinema and I take off my red headband to the talent.” who has made this crazy idea a reality.”

To recreate the iconic scene from Rocky, the original title “Gonna Fly Now” has been recomposed by The English Session Orchestra and sung by the London Voices Choir.

Making of Ladbrokes Commercial – Rocky

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