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“The Runaway Pub” rewards your running kilometers for beers

The RunaWay Pub de New Balance

New Balance has opened “The Runaway Pub”, a pub where you can exchange your kilometers of running for beers.

Sports brands are increasingly trying to surprise their consumers with original actions. The sports marketing sector is very competent and stand out with an attractive idea is increasingly complicated. Although, there are actions that surprise us with the fantastic case of RunTour and its incentive in discounts if you advanced someone in the race.

Now, New Balance in collaboration with Strava has opened its first pub where you can redeem your kilometers of running for beers. We present “The Runaway Pub”.

Strava is a social network for athletes that allows us, among other things, to measure the number of kilometers we do. Now they have aligned with New Balance to launch four challenges focused on training milestones for a marathon. These milestones can be accumulated distance, running days or achieve an optimal race pace.

Each time you reach a milestone, you will receive a “runaway card” with which you can exchange your kilometers for beers at the New Balance bar. “The Runaway Pub” it is located on Charing Cross street in London and, apart from being a meeting point between runners, it has a gym and a weight area on the ground floor.

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