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RunTour offers discounts depending on the people we takedown on a race

‘Thousand Winners’, RunTour promote the race by offering discounts depending on the people we takedown.

When you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always an original idea to surprise you. This is the case of the promotion that RunTour has made of his race in the Czech Republic. An original and successful proposal to publicize your race’s circuit and increase participation in them.

RunTour organizes various amateur races in the Czech Republic. It is the second in popularity among the riders and wanted to increase the number of registered athletes and income to be able to aspire to assault the first position.

But in races you can only win one. That leaves you with that 99.9% of the runners who participate will not have a chance to win the race. That’s why they decided to turn it around to increase the competitive desire of the popular runners. For this they carried out the campaign ‘Thousand Winners’.

RunTour reprogrammed all the bibs with a chip so that they could track not only the athlete’s time, but also the times he overtook others or were ahead of time. To reward them accordingly, they would get a 1% discount on RunTour products every time they passed someone. Thus, regardless of their position, the runners would compete with each other at all levels.

The investment was 10 hours, time in which the numbers were coded. The success was such that sales soared 394%, 80% of the athletes offered a better performance and registrations for other RunTour tests increased by 12%. A total success

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