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Sainsbury’s Christmas advert: “Food is Home. Home is Christmas”

Anuncio de Sainsbury's de Navidad

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is an exercise in nostalgia for better times.

The UK supermarket chain is one of John Lewis’s great rivals when it comes to making Christmas adverts. Every year the two networks try to improve and win the title of best Christmas advertisement. There have been years in which the dispute has been close, others in which it has not. But there is certainly a commendable effort to improve and differentiate yourself from the rest.

Some of Sainsbury’s Christmas adverts have won the award for best Christmas holiday advert. We all surely remember the fantastic story of the First World War, the catchy song sung by James Corden in “The Greatest Gift” or the best Christmas advertisement of 2017 “Every bit of Christmas”.

For this 2020, Sainsbury’s has prepared a separate campaign in three parts. The motto “Food is Home. Home is Christmas” wants to convey a message of unity and familiarity.

The first advert is titled “Gravy Song” and combines home video footage with telephone conversations. A way to reflect the emotions that Christmas awakens in many families. In it we hear a conversation between a father and a daughter about the culinary skills of the former.

The second one is titled “Perfect Portions” and we see how mother and son share memories of past celebrations. In these memories is present the figure of the father, who died this year and they remember him fondly. She promises to do everything possible to honor her figure and do her memory justice.

The third is titled “Big Sarnie” and we see how two brothers remember their deceased grandmother and how she served as a mainstay at Christmas celebrations. Memories of better times and how food can transport us back in time.

According to Darren Simpson, Creative Director of Wieden + Kennedy:Christmas and especially food, are the memories that we all keep. Like my grandmother’s roast potatoes, which were made from the stuff of dreams. “

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