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Sainsbury’s Christmas advert encourages us to savor Christmas

Anuncio de Navidad de Sainsbury's | A Christmas to Savour

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad wants to savor every moment of the holiday season.

It is being a constant in the Christmas adverts this year: The desire to meet again and celebrate these holidays as we did in 2018. With the exception of some announcements that tell us a fable, such as that of John Lewis or Aldi all emphasize the fact back to normal.

This is the case of the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, which after giving us some really spectacular Christmas announcements, continues with its line of communicating the small and everyday moments that we all have these holidays.

The Sainsbury’s Christmas advert

“A Christmas to Savor” is the explicit title of Sainsbury’s Christmas ad. It was made by the agency Wieden + Kennedy London, directed by Ninian Doff and produced by Pulse Films. It opens on dates closer to December than the rest of its competitors, who have started the Christmas campaign just when Halloween has finished.

The ad begins with a “Welcome to Christmas” to see the Christmas lights on a tree and the scene of a family celebration. In slow motion and in sequence shot, we observe every little moment in a typical family gathering. Nutshells jumping through the air, children under the table, the elderly playing the game of the characters and various other details. All displayed in such a way that we can “savor” every moment.

The ad closes with the voiceover of the famous actor and writer Stephen Fry saying: “It’s been a long time coming, so let’s make it a Christmas to savor.” The soundtrack is provided by Etta James and the song “At last”.

According to Radha Davies, Director of Communication and Creativity at Sainbury’s: “After many of us were unable to celebrate Christmas with loved ones last year, we are very excited at the prospect of celebrating Christmas in full swing once again. One of the great moments of these dates is the family dinner where we spend a special moment with the family, we catch up, we enjoy the food and, above all, we have fun. That’s why our Christmas ad highlights the importance of savoring every moment.”

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