The SalesForce commercial with Matthew McConaughey: “The New Frontier”

SalesForce’s Super Bowl commercial stars Matthew McConaughey.

Follow the hangover after the Super Bowl in an event that left us with some of the best commercials of the year. Like BMW with Arnold Schwarzenegger, General Motors with Dr. Evil or Amazon with Scarlett Johansson. You can see the full list of the best Super Bowl commercials here.

One of the commercials that caused the most stir on networks is that of SalesForce, starring Matthew McConaughey. A direct attack on companies like Facebook or Amazon and a criticism of their future prospects.

“The New Frontier” is the title of the SalesForce commercial for the Super Bowl. It stars Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey dressed as his popular character Joseph Cooper from Interstellar. Through the hashtag #TeamEarthSalesForce, the cloud software company makes it clear that business is changing; that companies and people should be responsible for the planet we live on.

Matthew McConaughey’s speech at the SalesForce ad makes it clear: “Some people these days are fascinated by the metaverse and Mars. But here at #TeamEarth, we’re looking a little closer to home. We think business is The best platform for change and success should be for everyone on Earth and for the planet itself. Why the new frontier? It’s right here.”

The announcement caused a stir on the networks due to the direct attack on Facebook and Amazon, even Elon Musk, creator of Tesla, praised the announcement.

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