“Sans Forgetica”, the typography that helps you improve memory

“Sans Forgetica” is a typeface designed by the University of Melbourne to improve memory.

Surely it will have happened to all of us while we study. The lack of interest and fatigue took our toll and made us not retain the texts we read. As a result, we did not remember them and we had problems when taking the exams.

A problem they have wanted to solve at the University of Melbourne. A team of researchers from the RMIT in Melbourne have created a typeface that they say could end school failure and lack of memory. The typeface is called “Sans Forgetica”.

Sans Forgetica Tipografía

This typography has the peculiarity that it has an inclination of seven degrees to the left and holes in each letter.According to typography professor Stephen Banham:“The mind will seek to complete those forms and, in doing so, will delay reading and activate memory”.

“When we want to learn something and remember it, it is good to add a bit of obstruction to that process, otherwise it is too easy and does not create a trace of memory” explained Janneke Blijlevens, another of the people responsible for the project.

In a study of 400 students, it was concluded that thanks to the “Sans Forgetica”, 57% of the information was retained with the Arial, which was 50%. This typography was designed so that students could prepare their exams better, but it is considering expanding its use to other areas, such as helping older people with memory problems.

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