Eslogan Magazine is an independent project that was born in the Telling Agency. Although we have taken different paths, we continue to give each other feedback to offer those advertising services that every brand needs.

The Telling Agency is a young, dynamic and fresh advertising agency made up of professionals with proven experience in the world of creativity, design, marketing and online communication with a common denominator: the love of advertising and the new forms of communication in what we call lovetelling, the love of narrating.


The emergence of new technologies have brought new ways of relating that require a series of linked actions to help the brand to tell a coherent story that allows it to fit into this new paradigm of communication and grow in it to empathize with the consumer honestly.

At Telling we build this story with a number of key elements that span several areas of expertise worked by the best professionals. Each is essential to ensuring a seamless, consistent story that connects the public and brand in the most complete and true way.


We plan the whole creative strategy with a long-term vision of the corporate image, realizing brand design, naming, corporate design, and developing brand advertising concepts.


We design all the pieces related to the creative strategy and adapt them to all the planned supports. Branding, logos, TV ads, brand image, corporate manuals, websites, online shop, social networks, newsletters, corporate videos, etc …


We analyze the communicative strengths and weaknesses of your company and its competence and we make strategic plans adapted to each medium with a detailed monitoring to detect new opportunities and strengths.

Digital Strategy

We develop the entire digital strategy in the new digital platforms. From buying ads to carrying out advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook or Instagram.


Development of creative strategy in all communication channels. Printed Design, Online, Corporate Videos, Social Networks, New Platforms, Corporate Blogs, Newsletters, etc...


We create a strong bond with our mutual trust client. With monthly status reports on creative strategy. We feel part of their successes and want to strengthen their weaknesses.

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