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Most famous sitcoms reimagined in a 8bit animated versions

Cabeceras de series en 8bits

Warner Bros sitcoms reimagined in a 8 bit animated versions.

In the telling advertising agency we are passionate about pixel art and everything related to the 80s and 90s. There are many references that we find in the design world at that time, from 8-bit movie posters and Lego pixelart advertising campaigns.

For the premiere of “Ready Player One”, Warner Bros honors the era in which the film is inspired. For this he has versioned the headers of the most popular series in 8 bits.

The film has become a perfect ode to retro pop culture. The film contains references to the most iconic series and films of the 80s and 90s. So, for its promotional campaign, Warner Bros has versioned headers of famous series in 8 bits. Quite a success to see Friends, The Prince of Bel Air, Forced Parents or Two Men and a Half in retro format.

Friends intro in 8 bits

Fresh Prince of BelAir Intro in 8 bits

Full House in 8 bits

Two and a half men in 8 bits


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