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Snickers trolley consumers with a brilliant marketing campaign: #SnickersGate


Snickers exchanges his chocolates for Bounty and says nothing to his followers with #SnickersGate

The chocolate brand Snickers has carried out a brilliant marketing campaign trolling its customers. And the product, owned by the multinational Mars has been modified by a Bounty, the same form of chocolate but filled with coconut.

The innovative thing is that the brand decided not to make statements during the next 24 hours and thus let consumers talk. The answer was a massive wave of angry consumers who talked about the brand without understanding what was happening.

#SnickersGate has been the title that Snickers has called the marketing campaign. The brand has decided to take its slogan “It’s not you when you’re hungry” and cheat its consumers for 24 hours. The surprise when opening the chocolates was such that the hashtag #SnickersGate went viral in a few hours. Thousands of angry consumers and many others laughing at the brand for such a mistake in production.

The brand allowed consumers to talk about it all day, generating a debate around the brand on social networks. It wasn’t until the next day that the brand released the video explaining all the misunderstanding with the Snickers and Bounty chocolates.

An original and brilliant marketing campaign devised by the CLMBBDO agency in the UK.

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