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Snoop Dogg’s advert that has gone viral advertising fireplaces

The rapper stars in a fireplace advert

Anuncio de Snoop Dogg | Chimeneas Solo Stove

Snoop Dogg’s advert has revolutionized the networks, making us believe that the rapper had stopped smoking.

Rapper Snoop Dogg had to arrive to revolutionize advertising. A shock to the sector that has not been seen for a long time. And Snoop Dogg’s announcement has surprised everyone because of the peculiar staging and, above all, of him, the client who is advertised.

It all started when rapper Snoop Dogg announced that he was quitting smoking. This generated great expectation around the world, since if Snoop Dogg was associated with anything, it was his passion for smoking marijuana. In the end it was all part of a marketing strategy for the Solo Stove stoves, which has put its name in the world.

“I’m done with smoke. I’m going smokeless with Solo Stove.” is the title of Snoop Dogg’s advert. A 30-second ad announcing smoke-free fireplaces.

The rapper, however, posted a series of posts on The network could not believe such an event, and in the end it was all revealed as an advertising campaign for the Solo Stove fireplace brand.

According to the brand, in a statement: “Only Stove fixed the fire. It took out the smoke. I can sit next to this thing all night and it doesn’t even burn my eyes. Now I’m warm from my toes to my head, with no smoke.” The limited edition stove has a cylindrical shape and is engraved with the rapper’s artistic initials. Its price ranges between 280 and 450 euros.


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