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Spider-man grabs coffee in a Starbucks

To promote ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’, Sony Pictures and Starbucks have done this fun hidden camera prank in New York.

Spider-man grabs coffee in a Starbucks. The last marketing action of Sony Pictures to promote the Spider-man movie is a prank with hidden camera in New York.

Is there anything more normal than Spider-man grabs coffee at a Starbucks? The superhero of Queens has been willing to scare the customers of this coffee shop in New York.


Spider-man grabs coffee

Using the hidden camera format to promote movies is a recurring action but it always works. It is a content that usually becomes very fast on social networks because people like it. We remember the shocking promotional action to promote Carrie or Rings.

With the launching of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sony Pictures and Starbucks have done this joint promotional action where we see Spider-man grabs a coffee in a peculiar way; lowering the ceiling from the inside out to get their coffee and greet the customers.

When they are asking for coffee, they hear the name of ‘Spider-Man’ and then see it come out of nowhere. The reactions are quite funny. With Stan Lee’s cameo as always.

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