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The Starbucks story of a trans boy wins the Channel 4 award

Historia de Starbucks | Every name's a story

“Every name’s a story” is the Starbucks story that won the Channel 4 award

The brands are increasingly embracing the LGTBI collective in a natural way. We’ve seen stories like Sprite and his “No estás solx” or Kodak’s emotional story “Understanding” between a teenager and his father. Now it’s Starbucks‘ turn that has won the Channel 4 award with its “Every name’s a story” campaign starring a trans boy.

The story of Starbucks has been the winner of the contest held every year by the Channel 4 Diversity Fund, an initiative that rewards free advertising spaces worth a million pounds to advertising campaigns that support diversity.

This is the case of “Every name’s a story” that tells us the story of James, a boy who is making his way in the transition process. He tries to leave his past behind while everyone keeps calling him by his name: Jemma. But the process is difficult since his name appears everywhere: In the packages he receives, in the doctor’s office or in his family.

The commercial takes us to the moment when Jemma decides to take the step to use her new name, and she does it in a Starbucks, where she can put the name she wants in the personalized glass.

The Starbucks commercial has been devised by the advertising agency Iris and the campaign has been applauded by various associations of the LGTBIQ + collective.

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