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The Sweat Sponsorship, from Omo Sports for Corinthians

The Sweat Sponsorship is an original Corinthians shirt from Omo Sports.

Sports sponsorship is one of the areas where brands strive to excel. There are many sports where we see original sponsorship proposals: Formula 1, NBA, Nascar or Football. The brands want to amortize to the maximum their appearance in the media at prime time.

Today we show you the action that Omo Sports has done in Brazil. One of the most original sports sponsorship actions we have seen. Omo Sports is one of the leading brands in the detergent sector. The brand wants to strengthen its presence among the sports public of the country and to achieve it, it has devised this original proposal.

Patrocinio Deportivo de Omo Sports

They made a special shirt for Corinthians, from São Paulo. This, when starting was white but as the match progressed, the brand was revealed by the sweat of the players. Little by little, the Omo Sports logo appeared on the shirt until it was completely visible.

As a result they obtained more than 115 million impacts valued at 15 million dollars. An audience of 18 million people on TV and 30,000 people live at the stadium. With this action, Omo Sport wants to position itself as the best option to wash clothes soaked in sweat, thanks to its new exclusive formula. No doubt an original way to present the benefits of your product.

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  1. I would like to enquire whether you do sponsor Churches with the following events:
    1. Sunday School Rally
    2. Youth Events
    3. Men’s Ministry
    4. Women’s Day
    5. Youth activities ( sports / different’ s codes / kits) etc.

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