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An original advertising campaign to promote Sweden: ‘Sweden on Airbnb’

‘Sweden on Airbnb’ its an original advertising campaign that put the whole country on Airbnb.

We like the advertising campaigns carried out by the Swedish tourism department. We all remember that fantastic publicity campaign titled ‘The Swedish Number’ in which the citizens of the Nordic country became hosts to explain the benefits of their country by telephone.

Now, to continue promoting themselves abroad, they have carried out a joint campaign with Airbnb destined for the United States. The popular platform is the best way to live as a Swedish citizen in the real world.

Sweden on Airbnb

For this they have created ‘Sweden on Airbnb’. A fun advertising campaign where they have put all Sweden on Airbnb to teach the best of itself to attract the maximum number of visitors possible. A voiceover tells everything the traveler can do in their giant house. Enjoy the scenery, food, nature and everything that Sweden can offer.

An original idea to promote Sweden that follows the line of its last advertising campaigns.



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