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#MiniChallenge: How to represent happiness driving a Mini

#MiniChallenge is an action developed by Mini in Colombia where the protagonists had to pass three tests behind the wheel. Mini’s advertising campaigns are usually actions that resemble its brand image. They are fresh, fun and original campaigns, such as…

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Los mejores anuncios de Adidas

Adidas statues in London dedicated to inspiring women

The Adidas statues in London follow Adidas’ campaign to put inspiring women in the spotlight. Adidas goes all out to present its new range of sports bras. Last week, Adidas published a photo on social networks where you could see…

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The original protest of Oslo classic shops: “Might Be Coming Soon”

Oslo classic stores have made an original protest to warn of the closure of their establishments. Centennial stores and businesses are on the way to extinction. In every city, those small shops with soul and located in the center end…

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