Los mejores anuncios de Apple

“Jump”, the refreshing commercial of the AirPods Pro

The commercial of the AirPods Pro of Apple is a refreshing commercial titled “Jump” Little by little, Apple has been evolving its advertising campaigns. If before they focused on highlighting those benefits of the product to make your life easier,…

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Who created the Apple logo?

We analyze the history of one of the most recognized logos in the world to find out who created the Apple logo. The Apple logo has become one of the most recognized logos worldwide. The company behind the apple icon…

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Anuncios de Navidad 2020

Apple’s Christmas commercial promotes its HomePod Mini

“The Magic of Mini” is Apple’s Christmas commercial promoting its HomePod Mini. It is not that Apple’s Christmas commercial has been made to wait, it is that the Christmas commercials have been advancing in recent years. The beginning of December…

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Top 10 best Apple Commercials

In telling, advertising agency we reviewed the 10 best Apple Commercials. From ‘1984’ to ‘Welcome home’. Apple commercials have always had something special. They are often inspiring, motivating, capable of transmitting feelings and occasionally “attacking” the competition in an ingenious…

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