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Mejores consejos para triunfar en TikTok

The growth of TikTok, the most used social network

The growth of TikTok in 2020 is unstoppable, it has been the most used social network. During lockdown, internet and social media consumption skyrocketed. The vast majority of people killed boredom by connecting to social networks, but without a doubt…

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HBO’s brilliant thread on Twitter to celebrate 20 years of The Sopranos

A brilliant HBO action on Twitter to celebrate the 20 years of “The Sopranos” and it crash the net. It is 20 years since the first episode of Los Sopranos was broadcast. The famous TV series created by HBO premiered…

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Famiglia Rana Kits: Create the perfect dish for Instagram

 “Famiglia Rana Kits” have everything you need to create the perfect dish to upload to Instagram. Instagram is the social network that has the most acceptance. The last semester grew by 23%. Much more than Facebook and Twitter, which did…

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Best of 2018 in Youtube #YouTubeRewind

 #YouTubeRewind, The best of 2018 on YouTube is close to becoming the video with more dislikes of the platform. A summary of 2018. What can go wrong? If only it is to recover the most relevant events of the…

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A great advertising strategy in Instagram Stories of Burger King

 Big brands start to make advertising strategy in Instagram Stories to create brand interactions at zero cost. Big brands already include an advertising strategy in Instagram Stories within their marketing budget. Aware of the great return they have, they…

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Bear Claws: The brilliant deconstruction of a song on Facebook Live

The academic performs a brilliant deconstruction of “Bears Claws”, his song on Facebook Live through the delay. We live in a time where video is being the main protagonist in content. Many people have channels with diverse themes with a…

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Social Media

The definitive guide with all sizes of images in social networks

A definitive and updated guide to know all the sizes of images in social networks. When we talk about Social Media, as or more important than quality content is the image that accompanies it. They visually define what you want…

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