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Telecom’s commercial “Max & Romain” is a tribute to friendship

Anuncio de Telecom | Max & Romain

Telecom’s commercial is a tribute to friendship since childhood

Bouygues Telecom has been doing things well at the time of advertising. The French telecommunications company has been delighting us for some time with original advertising campaigns, such as references to the Netflix series or the funny Christmas story. Now, he has decided to get us excited again with a friendship story entitled “Max & Romain”.

Telecom’s commercial reflects the story of two childhood friends who are growing together. As time goes by everything changes around him. Although friendship belongs unchanged, a change of address will make everything change with respect to both of them.

The ad represents the importance that the French company attributes to personal relationships and how its technology helps us to always be connected. The claim “We Are Made to be Together” illustrates the whole story perfectly.

The BETC agency has been responsible for conducting the advertising campaign. The intention is to start a new corporate project on digital inclusion and the struggle for isolation.

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