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Tena’s advert is a funny story about Menopause: #LastLonelyMenopause

The campaign has won the prestigious Channel 4 award

Anuncio Tena Menopausia

Tena’s advert is a funny story between a mother, her daughter and menopause.

In society there are certain taboos on aspects related to women. One of them is the period and the other, the menopause. Even today they are still topics that are discussed in petit committee.

But little by little there is a change of attitude regarding these issues. Brands that sell women’s products are changing the way they advertise them. Using storytelling, they openly talk about the problems they suffer, in this case, women with menopause.

#LastLonelyMenopause is the title of the Tena Women advert made by the AMW BBDO agency. This campaign won the famous Channel 4 Diversity Award, which consists of £1 million in commercial airtime.

The reason for the Channel 4 contest was the creative treatment of age discrimination in advertising. And it is that research has shown that people over 50 feel very poorly represented in advertising. 72% of respondents say that people their age in ads are outdated stereotypes.

The Tena advert is a story between a daughter and her mother as she goes through menopause. She emphasizes that menopause is like the period of the elderly. The story highlights the often ignored realities of menopause.

According to Veriça Djurdjevic, Chief Revenue Officer of Channel 4: “The Tena ad is a revolutionary take on the menopause narrative. It perfectly fulfilled our mission to tackle age discrimination in advertising, using the central idea of talking about menopause as a way to break the stigma and silence that exists around it even though half the population will experience it.”

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