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Best Commercials of 2021 so far

We look at the best commercials of 2021 and the best advertising campaigns of the year so far.

We have reached the middle of the year and we have to take stock of what 2021 has brought us. The year in which we should return to a certain normality after the fateful 2020 that we all had to live. In Eslogan Magazine we have prepared a selection of the best commercials of 2021, just like we did with the best commercials of 2020.

We leave you with a random selection of the best ads that have come out to date. You know that at the end of the year we debated and left our list with the ten best commercials of the year, but now it’s time to remember those advertising campaigns that have been launched in 2021.

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We leave you with the best commercials of 2021.

Top10 Commercials of 2021

Top10: Best Commercials of 2021

As every year we have prepared a list with the ten best adverts of 2021. A summary of the best advertising campaigns analyzed and selected for you. One year without a doubt demanding, where the advertising campaigns have shone for their creativity. We had to choose 10, but it could have been 20 without a doubt.

Watch ten best commercials of 2021

Nike – Play New

The new Nike ad titled “Play New” has Rosalía as one of the protagonists. The Nike campaign encourages us to play sports even if we are bad at it.

Watch review of Nike – Play New

Pepsi – The Mess We Miss

“The Mess We Miss” is the Pepsi ad that indicates those behaviors before the pandemic that we will have to change in the future. Situations that will make more than one uncomfortable.

Watch review of Pepsi – The Mess We Miss

Sandy Hook Promise – The Kids Are Not Alright

The NGO Sandy Hook Promise returns with another shocking campaign. This time alert on the mental health of adolescents with “The Kids Are Not Alright.”

Review of Sandy Hook Promise Commercial

France TV – Sumo

France TV’s ad to promote the Tokyo Olympics is a fantastic Japanese-style animated piece.

Review of France TV Commercial

Humane Society International – Save Ralph

“Save Ralph” is a campaign by Humane Society International to denounce experimentation on animals to make cosmetics. A campaign that impacted social networks causing a stir that we hope will stir consciences.

Watch review of Save Ralph Commercial

Barilla – Playlist Timer

Barilla created some innovative playlists on Spotify. The peculiarity is that they last between 9 and 11 minutes, the time it takes to make pasta al dente.

Watch review of Barilla – Playlist Timer

Heinz – Draw Ketchup

Heinz asked people to draw ketchup, and they have applied the result to their packaging with “Heinz Draw Ketchup.” The results, as you can expect, are a disaster.

Watch Heinz – Draw Ketchup Commercial

BBC – Perfect Planet

BBC burned a billboard within its ad campaign to promote the program “A Perfect Planet.” The result of what awaits us if we do not take care of the forests of our planet.

Watch review of BBC – Perfect Planet

Cadillac – Edward Scissorhands

The Super Bowl left us with memorable announcements, like the one for Cadillac in a spiritual sequel to the Edward Scissorhands movie.

Watch Cadillac Commercial – Edward Scissorhands

NHS – Get Vaccinated

The NHS, the British health system counted on Elton John and Michael Caine to make a fun announcement encouraging the population to get vaccinated.

Watch review of NHS with Michael Caine and Elton John

General Motors vs Audi

The ad war between General Motors and Audi was one of the high points in the ad succession during the Super Bowl.

Watch General Motors and Audi Commercial War

Toyota – Jessica Long

Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial told us about the emotional story of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long.

Watch Toyota commercial with Jessica Long

Cadbury – Worldwide Hide

For Easter, Cadbury came up with an original initiative to hide Easter eggs virtually on Google Maps with “Cadbury Worldwide Hide.”

Watch Cadbury – Worldwide Hide action

Apple – Jump

Apple announced its new AirPods Pro with a refreshing ad campaign titled “Jump.”

Watch the review of Apple – Jump

Dove – Show Us

Dove’s “It’s on Us” campaign continued with the #ShowUs initiative hacking ad industry model castings.

Review of Dove – It’s on Us.

Pizza Hut – Pacman

Pizza Hut developed an augmented reality system with which you could play Pac-Man in their boxes.

Pizza Hut and Pacman action

KFC – Competitor slogans

During the pandemic, KFC decided to withdraw its slogan because it was very “ProCovid.” That is why the brand decided to use those of the competition.

Watch KFC slogan change

Intermarché – What About Me

The Intermarché advertising campaign offered a 10% discount to large families with this fun advertisement.

Watch Intermarché

H&S – The Chase

Ando The Spy stars in “The Chase,” a spectacular animated commercial in the form of an anime with a worldwide chase.

Watch review of H&S – The Chase

Doritos – Thanks Mum and Mum

“Mother there is only one” is an emotional advertising campaign by Doritos México to honor all LGBT mothers.

Watch review of Doritos – Thanks mum and mum

Dove – Reverse Selfie

The Dove campaign wants to raise awareness about the self-esteem and pressure that young women feel for their appearance on social networks with What’s behind the selfie?

Watch the review of Dove – Reverse Selfie

Bankinter – Nana para que tu dinero no se duerma

The Bankinter ad is a “Nanny so your money does not sleep” followed the line started by the acclaimed campaign “The bank that sees money as you see it.”

Watch Bankinter Commercial review

Nike – The Toughest Athletes

The Nike and Maternity campaign highlights the strength of women during their first steps as mothers.

Watch Nike Commercial Review

Barbie – A Doll Can Help Change The World

The Barbie commercial “A Doll Can Help Change The World” highlights how playing with dolls helps children develop empathy.

Watch review of Barbie – A Doll Can Help Change The World

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