“The Chase”, the animated H&S commercial full of action and adventure

The Chase | Anuncio de H&S

Ando The Spy stars in “The Chase,” an animated commercial in anime form with a worldwide chase.

At Eslogan Magazine we love when brands choose to launch their advertising campaigns in the form of an animated short. They are small pieces of tremendous quality, with the advantage that they never go out of style or lose their validity. This is the case of the best commercial of 2020 for Eslogan Magazine: “The Last Mile” by Volkswagen or the tribute to Ayrton Senna from Heineken with “Obrigado”.

H&S’s latest advertising campaign is an animated piece in anime format titled “The Chase.” Of a tremendous quality, it narrates the persecution starring “Ando The Spy” through all the world.

H&S innovates in its latest advertising campaign with an ad full of action and adventure. The new line of men’s anti-dandruff products is launched in Japan with a series of animated films that wants to break the stigma of dandruff in the Japanese country.

“The Chase” stars Ando, who tries to escape from his nemesis, Detective Takashi. A spectacular chase around the world that will take us to Tokyo, Egypt, London and Paris. Ando will end up arrested after leaving a trail of dandruff that Takashi has been able to chase after without problems.

How H&S “The Chase” Was Made

The H&S commercial has been created by Singapore agency Forsman & Bodenfors and animated by Wizz @ Quad group. According to Kylene Campos, Vice President of P&G Japan and Korea: “We have been conducting extensive consumer research for some time to understand cultural norms related to cultural shame associated with dandruff. We discovered that it was a real problem caused by heaviness, shame and fear.”

In Japan, four out of ten men suffer from dandruff and half of them worry that it is perceived as unsanitary. “How can we assure men in Japan that there is a solution to dandruff, in a way that destigmatizes the shame associated with a taboo subject? With a campaign that would make dandruff a more accessible topic to talk about, but at the same time, provide strong assurance to our consumers that dandruff could be solved.” says Kylene Campos.

According to Susanna Fagring, CEO of Forsman & Bodenfors Singapour: “Humor emerged very early as a tool to destigmatize this human but still pressing concern. Humor as a tool opened the door to a fantastic creative journey in which we spent hours laughing together.”

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