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“The Dissolving Poster”, the poster that kills the larvae of mosquitoes

The NGO Habitat for Humanity has created “The Dissolving Poster” a poster that kills the larvae of mosquitoes in Brazil.

We love when creativity and innovation help overcome endemic problems. This is the case of the NGO Habitat for Humanity that make this action in Brazil to fight against the diseases produced by the mosquitoes. “The Dissolving Poster” helps in the fight against Zika or Dengue in the worst fabelas of Brazil.

The Dissolving Poster - Brasil

The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is causing a large number of diseases in Brazil. Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever or the Chikungunya are the cause of this insect. To fight against this plague they have created a poster to kill the larvae of mosquitoes. This prevents the spread of this species.

“The Dissolving Poster” is made from soluble rice paper, so it easily melts with rain. These are impregnated with a larvicide that respects the environment and kills mosquito larvae. Each poster is capable of treating 200 liters of water for 60 days.

The Dissolving Poster - Brasil

They placed the posters in places where it is more complicated to perform a prevention task. When it is dissolved because of the rain, the larvicide reaches the stagnant water source of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito proliferation.

At the same time, “The Dissolving Poster” has been designed by local artists who have been responsible for including designs with educational messages to help people learn more about these insects and the diseases they transmit.

The Dissolving Poster

The Dissolving Poster

The Dissolving Poster

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