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The Vampire Poster: The opis that burns at dawn

“The Vampire Poster” is the original way to promote “The Passage”, the new Fox series.

The outdoor advertising does not stop surprising us. We have always liked that brands devote their creative resources to the realization of outdoor advertising campaigns. They have given us great ideas such as Purina’s opis to check if our dog has diseases. Or the interactive opis to alert pedestrians. Or the Reebok to encourage us to run faster.

Now we get another turn of the screw from Brazil, hand in hand with BETC/Havas. The idea is to promote the new series of vampires of the Fox: “The Passage” that will be broadcasted in the country of Rio de Janeiro.

Thus, they have devised an opis with an interior poster that, at dawn, burned with the first rays of the sun. “The Vampire Poster” recreates one of the most famous peculiarities of vampires, exposure to sunlight.

The way to burn “The Vampire Poster” has been thoughtfully controlled. Through an impregnation mixture of potassium permangate and sulfuric acid. When receiving sunlight, these two substances react causing the paper to burn in a few seconds. This poster was inside a special opis of transparent flame retardant material.

Via | Criatura Creativa



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