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TikTok’s commercial for the Euro 2020: “Where fans play”

Publicidad de TikTok | Where Fans Play

TikTok’s commercial for the Euro 2020 is a fun overlay of real images with videos from the app.

In the wake of the pandemic, TikTok usage grew exponentially around the world. What was once a net for pre-teens doing dances became an escape route during confinement. That’s when people discovered the potential of TikTok. Since then, its growth has been unstoppable, becoming one of the most used social networks globally.

Now it is preparing to launch its first television campaign, coinciding with the celebration of the European Championship, in which it is an official sponsor. His idea: “Connect people with what they really love.”

TikTok’s commercial for the Euro 2020 is titled “Where fans play” and has been created by the agency Dark Horses. The piece combines real situations in a national team match with material made by the fans. Thus we see surreal situations that perfectly match the essence of TikTok such as dances, challenges, celebrations or freestyle.

TikTok is the first online platform to be an official sponsor of an event with these characteristics. Thanks to the campaign during the Eurocup, the application will offer exclusive features such as challenges, AR effects, videos and all kinds of creative tools around football.

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