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Tile’s tv advertising and his endearing teddy bear: “Lost Panda”

Tile’s TV Advertising tells the story of an endearing teddy bear lost in the city.

We liked the Tile’s tv advertising titled “Lost Panda”. We liked very much the way we have sold the benefits of the product. When an advertising campaign has a good storytelling it is able to sell you a product by way of emotion.

Who has not lost a beloved object? And when we talk about beloved object we can refer to him in many ways. From a toy car, a few keys, a wallet or … a teddy bear.

Spot de Tile: Lost Panda

In this way as Tile debuts with a new advertising campaign. Tile is a small square object with a geolocator inside that we can track using app for smartphone. We can use it to place in our key chain or in that object that we most fear losing.

It is here where Tile’s tv advertising plays its best trick to present the story of Enrie; a teddy bear lost in the city. He travels across the country to find his mistress, in a series of situations as endearing as possible.

The story of the tv advertising was inspired by a real client of Tile, who lost the teddy in the city. He was able to recover thanks to the community of Tile. Through the app you can receive information of the location of the object through the phones of other users of Tile.



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