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Heinz campaign encourages you to tip at restaurants

The brand aims to get restaurants to offer Heinz

Propina para Heinz

Heinz encourages us to tip the restaurant so they can serve the popular brand of sauces.

If there is a brand that stands out for its sense of humor, it is Heinz. The brand shows off its peculiar British humor by offering us original campaigns such as the clothing brand line with a stain, the vegetarian vampire for Halloween or the dedication for the Queen of England’s jubilee.

Now they have detected that many of the diners when they go to a restaurant prefer to be served Heinz to a substitute. To solve this, the brand has devised an original proposal to get restaurants to serve Heinz ketchup.

“Tip for Heinz” is the title of the campaign created by the agency Mischief At No Fixed Adress. The idea is based on a simple premise: If the restaurant doesn’t serve you British brand ketchup, leave them a dollar tip with the “Tip for Heinz” concept. The brand then encourages you to upload the photo of the tip to social networks and offer you some advantages.

The first, refund the dollar and the rest of the tip that you have put (no more than 20 dollars). Then the possibility of entering a raffle to get paid for the full meal. On the other hand they offer to the first ten restaurants that incorporate Heinz to their menu because of the promotion a free supply of product for a year.

According to Jacqueline Chao, senior manager of the brand: “The days of eating with mediocre ketchup are over. We support consumers who demand more from the sauces they serve in restaurants, and the campaign aims to hear the voices of fans of the brand. We hope that in the future consumers can expect the delicious taste of our ketchup every time they dine out.”

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