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TOP 5: Best Motivational TV advertisements

Best Motivational TV advertisements

Motivational stories to sell. We make a top 5 of the most motivational TV Advertisements that they are going to thrill you.

Most of the motivationals TV advertisements are made when a big sports events comes like the Olympic games or Football World Cup. Making an inspiration advertising campaign it’s not easy but it gets a double effect if works well. You sell your product and the customers are identified with your brand. Win-Win.

These are our top 5 of the best motivational TV advertisements!


P&G – Best Job

Procter & Gamble is one of the official sponsors of the Olympic Games. For the Olympic Games in London in 2012 he made this motivator ad telling the story behind every great sportsman: his family and his mother. A succession of daily events in the life of every person who explains how that athlete manages to get to play in the Olympic Games and how, after finishing a competition, he runs to embrace his family.Under the motto “The most difficult job in the world, it is the best job in the world” and with the music of a then unknown Ludovico Eunaudi, the P&G commercial was so great that even 4 years later they repeated the same formula for Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Under Armour – Rule Yourself

Under Armor’s motivator commercial with Michael Phelps was crowned one of the best ads in 2016. The story of Michael Phelps’ return was magnified by what later made the athlete in competition winning 5 golds and a silver. Sacrifice, inspiration and strength combined with exceptional photography, rhythm and a soundtrack perfectly matched with The Kills’ song “The Last Goodbye”.

Coca-Cola – Reasons to Believe

In 2011 the world was in a moment of depression. The consequences of the crisis originated a chain reaction that affected practically all the countries where the population lived moments of anguish when seeing everything that had around collapsed. In this situation, Coca-Cola made this commercial entitled “Reasons to Believe” in which he tried to convey a message of optimism to the entire population.

Nike – A Little less hurt

Made with edited cuts of real situations, in “A little less hurt” we see the great stars suffer, fall and lose and then rise again. A story of struggle, perseverance and constancy and with the version of “Hurt” of Nine Inch Nails that made Jonnhy Cash.

Samsung – The Chant

To present its new line of wireless adapters, Samsung made this commercial titled ‘The Chant’. We see the story of the 400 mts athlete of South Sudan Margret Rumat Rumar Hassan who for the first time in his history will be able to compete under the flag of his country that was created in 2011 and in 2015 was recognized by the IOC. While you are focused to do your test, we see how he remembers all his childhood in his town before reaching the Olympic Games.


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