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Toys’R’Us Christmas ad: “The gift is you”

The Toys’R’Us Christmas ad takes out the child inside of us.

Little by little the marks are showing their ads of Christmas. After seeing the fantastic ads of John Lewis, Sainsbury’s or Ikea, now it’s the turn of the American toy’s store Toys’R’Us.

The Christmas ad of Toys’R’Us wants adults to recover the illusion and magic of Christmas, taking out the child that we all have inside. The stress of work, christmas shopping and the pressure of society are reasons why adults have been losing the magic for these holidays.

Toys’R’Us Christmas ad wants to fight this fact with “The gift is you”. The campaign is an ode to the simple fact of having fun and excitement with toys as if you were a child. This also encourages us to spend moments with our children playing.

An ad in which Toys’R’Us reverses the roles to turn parents into children and parents into children to take out the child we all carry inside for these Christmas dates.

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